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  • Azure has the most Cloud Regions, and it’s not even close

    Azure has the most Cloud Regions, and it’s not even close

    The big cloud providers are expanding globally by adding more Global Regions. Google recently announced a new mountain west region. Plus, all the other providers have plans to expand globally. This got me wondering, which provider has the most global regions. I went to all the big cloud provider websites, and I was a bit…

  • Google Video – Rules of Machine Learning

    Google Video – Rules of Machine Learning

    To be great with machine learning, it helps to be a great engineer. That means doing the following: Those are the general rules for software engineering, this video contains some specific rules for software with machine learning. The complete list, from Google can be found at Rules of Machine Learning. This video is part of…

  • Cloud Data Science 11

    Cloud Data Science 11

    Even with the coronavirus causing mass closures, there are still some big announcements in the cloud data science world. Google is starting to take enterprise AI seriously and Amazon is continuing to do interesting things. So, here is the news. News Google introduces Cloud AI Platform PipelinesGoogle Cloud now provides a way to deploy repeatable…

  • Cloud Data Science 10

    Cloud Data Science 10

    Lots of happenings this week. The Cloud Data Science world is keeping busy. Also, the coronavirus is affecting many upcoming conferences, so just be aware of that. News Honeywell has announced the development of the most powerful quantum computer in the worldThey are partnering with Microsoft Azure so eventually it will be a part of…

  • Cloud Data Science 9

    Cloud Data Science 9

    Lots of announcements this week, so without delay, let’s get right to Cloud Data Science 9. News Google Announces Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL ServerGoogle’s Cloud SQL now supports SQL Server in addition to PostgreSQL and MySQL Google Opens a new Cloud RegionLocated in Salt Lake City, Utah, it is named us-west3. They are promoting…

  • Cloud Data Science 8

    Cloud Data Science 8

    Welcome to Cloud Data Science 8. This weeks news includes information about AWS working with Azure, time-series, detecting text in videos and more. News Amazon Redshift now supports Authentication with Microsoft Azure ADRedshift, a data warehouse, from Amazon now integrates with Azure Active Directory for login. This continues a trend of cloud companies working together.…

  • Cloud Data Science 7

    Cloud Data Science 7

    Welcome to Cloud Data Science 7. Announcements around an exciting new open-source deep learning library, a new data challenge and more. News Microsoft Releases DeepSpeed for Training very large ModelsDeepSpeed is a new open-source library for deep learning optimization. Using a component of the library named ZeRO, it can train models with up to 100…

  • Cloud Data Science 6

    Cloud Data Science 6

    All the large cloud providers had some announcements this past week, plus a global artificial intelligence organization had some news to share. News Azure Stream Analytics Anomaly DetectionAzure Stream Analytics now has built-in anomaly detection capabilities. You no longer need to build and train your own custom anomaly detection model. Azure IoT Cental has updated…

  • Cloud Data Science 5

    Cloud Data Science 5

    Welcome to Cloud Data Science 5. There were not as many announcements as last week in Cloud Data Science 4, but quantity is not what is important. The first announcement is big! Let’s get started. News The Pandas library goes 1.0Yes, it had not been at version 1.0 yet. Version 1.0 does not bring any…

  • Cloud Data Science News #2

    Cloud Data Science News #2

    2020 is now in full swing and the announcements are starting to show up. There are some good ones this week. News Videos Courses & Learning

  • 3 Predictions for Cloud Data Science in 2020

    3 Predictions for Cloud Data Science in 2020

    As 2020 begins, there has been limited cloud data science announcements so I put together some predictions. Here are 3 things I believe will happen in 2020. 1. Cloud Collaboration I think we are going to see more interoperability between the major cloud providers. For example, Azure Arc now allows you to run Azure products…

  • Cloud Data Science News – Beta 6

    Cloud Data Science News – Beta 6

    Wow, the last two weeks were taken over by the flurry of announcements from Amazon. Even though Amazon is taking a break from announcements (probably focusing on Christmas shoppers), there are still some updates in the cloud data science world. Here they are. News Google AutoML for Natural Language goes GAExtracting meaning from text is…