Azure has the most Cloud Regions, and it’s not even close

Number of Global Regions by Cloud Provider

The big cloud providers are expanding globally by adding more Global Regions. Google recently announced a new mountain west region. Plus, all the other providers have plans to expand globally. This got me wondering, which provider has the most global regions. I went to all the big cloud provider websites, and I was a bit surprised with the results.

Google Cloud Regions

I first went to Google to see where there global regions are located. They have good coverage in the United States, East Asia, and Europe. Overall, Google has 22 global regions.

Google Cloud Regions
Google Cloud Regions

Amazon AWS Regions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been a leader in the cloud provider market. They have very similar coverage to Google. Both leave Australia, South America, and Africa with little to no coverage. AWS has 22 regions.

AWS Cloud Regions
AWS Global Infrastructure

IBM Global Regions

Honestly, I had a hard time comprehending the IBM map. They only have 6 regions and they sort of hide them on the map. I believe they added a bunch of dots and lines to make the coverage look better.

IBM Cloud Regions
IBM Global Locations

Oracle Cloud Regions

Oracle has a whopping 21 regions. I did not expect that from Oracle. From a region perspective, Oracle is right in the mix with AWS and Google.

Oracle Cloud Regions
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure Regions

Microsoft Azure has 57 global regions! That is 2.5 times greater than the nearest competitor. Azure has much better coverage in India with 3 regions; 2 regions in Africa, and 4 in Australia. Also, Azure is the first provider with a region planned for Mexico.

Azure Cloud Regions
Azure Cloud Regions

Overall Comparison

Overall, you will notice Africa and South America do not have much coverage. Azure is the only provider with any regions currently in Africa. There is still a lot of work to expanding the regions more globally, but Microsoft Azure has a large advantage right now.

Number of Global Regions by Cloud Provider
Number of Global Regions by Cloud Provider






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  1. Barry Avatar

    Hi Ryan, thanks for including IBM in this review. Sorry to hear that you found the IBM page confusing. Happy to explain how our 60 Cloud Data Centers and our 6 Regions provide cloud services to our clients.

    Feel free to reach out to me directly.

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thanks Barry, I will reach out.

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