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  • What is a Developer Advocate, TDI 16 with @arynnpost

    “How well can you write about a process, how cohesive is it, and can you write for different audiences?” — A M-P (@arynnpost) on Threads First off, @arynnpost, your profile lists you as a developer advocate. What is a developer advocate and how did you get into that role? Developer Advocate goes by many names.…

  • Cloud Data Science 9

    Cloud Data Science 9

    Lots of announcements this week, so without delay, let’s get right to Cloud Data Science 9. News Google Announces Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL ServerGoogle’s Cloud SQL now supports SQL Server in addition to PostgreSQL and MySQL Google Opens a new Cloud RegionLocated in Salt Lake City, Utah, it is named us-west3. They are promoting…

  • Why You should Attend SQLSaturday – An Interview with John Byrnes

    Why You should Attend SQLSaturday – An Interview with John Byrnes

    An interview with John Byrnes. Where has SQL taken his career? What does the SQLSaturday community mean to him? Why should someone attend a SQLSaturday event?

  • Real Talk with A Data Scientist: The Future of Data Wrangling

    At Springboard, we recently sat down with Michael Beaumier, a data scientist at Google, to discuss his transition into the field, what the interview process is like, the future of data wrangling, and the advice he has for aspiring data professionals.

  • SQL Tutorial from Chartio

    Chartio put together a nice online interactive tutorial for learning SQL. SQL is almost an essential tool for data science. Rarely is there a project where knowing SQL is not necessary.

  • How to Kickstart Your Data Science Career

    This is a guest post from Michael Li of The Data Incubator. The The Data Incubator runs a free eight week data science fellowship to help transition their Fellows from Academia to Industry. This post runs through some of the toolsets you’ll need to know to kickstart your Data Science Career. If you’re an aspiring…

  • Want to Learn SQL? Here is a Great Tutorial!

    Mode Analytics, a recently launched site for collaborative data science in the cloud, has published an excellent tutorial for learning SQL. The tutorial is named SQL School . This is one of the best SQL tutorials I have seen. Plus, it has the huge added advantage of not requiring you to setup your own database…