Want to Learn SQL? Here is a Great Tutorial!

Mode Analytics, a recently launched site for collaborative data science in the cloud, has published an excellent tutorial for learning SQL.

The tutorial is named SQL School .

This is one of the best SQL tutorials I have seen. Plus, it has the huge added advantage of not requiring you to setup your own database first (the data is already available). Setting up your own database can be a bit overwhelming when you are first learning. So, if you are looking to learn SQL, now is a great time to start.






4 responses to “Want to Learn SQL? Here is a Great Tutorial!”

  1. kwenzel1 Avatar

    Hi – I really like your blog. I think your reader will also benefit from visiting essentialSQL.com. My goal, with this blog, is to teach beginners SQL. I don’t focus on DBA skills as much as learning SQL to search and retrieve data.

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thanks for sharing

  2. John W Avatar

    SQL is building block of learning and manipulating data. Thanks for the sharing the SQL tutorial.

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