Recent Free Online Books for Data Science

This is just a short list of a few books that I have have recently discovered online.

  • Model-Based Machine Learning – Chapters of this book become available as they are being written. It introduces machine learning via case studies instead of just focusing on the algorithms.
  • Foundations of Data Science – This is a much more academic-focused book which could be used at the undergraduate or graduate level. It covers many of the topics one would expect: machine learning, streaming, clustering and more.
  • Deep Learning Book – This book was previously available only in HTML form and not complete. Now, it is free and downloadable.






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  2. Proquotient Avatar

    This is a great list of books for Data Science aspirants who want to get a better understanding of this field but don’t want to invest any money just yet. This will help them learn more about Data Science so that they can then decide if it is the right career path for them or not.

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thanks for commenting

  3. Data Science Training In Hyderabad Avatar

    The article you have shared is really amazing. All the various functionalities and methodologies of Data Science makes the day to day life easier. The Data Science code is also very simple and easy to understand as well.

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