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  • Complete Guide of Quantum Computing Resources

    Complete Guide of Quantum Computing Resources

    Quantum Computing is starting to gain attention in the developer world and startup circles. Here is a large listing of resources for learning about quantum computing. Quantum Computing Books Quantum Computing Courses Quantum Computing Blogs Quantum Computing Research Quantum Computing Podcasts Quantum Computing Companies Large Companies doing Quantum Computing In addition to the large cloud…

  • Free Online Data Science Books

    Free Online Data Science Books

    free online data science books as of early 2019

  • Recent Free Online Books for Data Science

    This is just a short list of a few books that I have have recently discovered online. Model-Based Machine Learning – Chapters of this book become available as they are being written. It introduces machine learning via case studies instead of just focusing on the algorithms. Foundations of Data Science – This is a much…

  • Online Textbook Publishing Platform?

    About a week ago I posted a link to a free data mining textbook. Hacker News got wind of the book as well, and I am guessing a flood of traffic hit the textbook’s site. The flood happened to take the site completely down for a couple of days. It was a shame because the…

  • The Statistical Sleuth in R

    Nicholas Horton, Professor of Statistics at Smith College, has published a nice set of R tutorials that go along with the book The Statistical Sleuth. If you are looking to learn R, this might be a good place to start. Once again, see the R tutorials here.

  • Data From eReaders

    Reading Your E-book is Reading You in the Wall Street Journal, is an excellent example of data science. Book publishers now know how much of a book readers will finish, how long they read, what book they read next, and lots of other stuff. Read the article and find out more. It also opens the…

  • Books Can Tell More Than One Story

    This is a very entertaining Ted Talk about how what books can tell us over time. Just watch the video.