Google Announces Public Data Sets

Somewhat lost in the hype of Google’s Cloud Machine Learning announcement (which is itself neat), was the release of Google’s Public Data Sets.

I think this has been previously happening, but now Google has an official location for these public data sets stored in BigQuery. You can:

  • Access and use the data in your applications
  • Request Google to host your own public data set

It will be fun to watch this site expand with more public datasets. Happy Exploration!






2 responses to “Google Announces Public Data Sets”

  1. BigDataScientist Avatar

    Have you seen that Google has teamed up with @Tableau to find the next #BigDataChamp. Free credits & a chance to win trip to London & Texas –

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thank you, I will be putting up a post about this and some other contests.


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