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  • Google Video – Rules of Machine Learning

    Google Video – Rules of Machine Learning

    To be great with machine learning, it helps to be a great engineer. That means doing the following: Those are the general rules for software engineering, this video contains some specific rules for software with machine learning. The complete list, from Google can be found at Rules of Machine Learning. This video is part of…

  • Data Science News for May 2019

    Data Science News for May 2019

    Data Science and AI news for May 2019 Google IO, MSFT Build, Version Control, AWS DeepRacer

  • Real Talk with A Data Scientist: The Future of Data Wrangling

    At Springboard, we recently sat down with Michael Beaumier, a data scientist at Google, to discuss his transition into the field, what the interview process is like, the future of data wrangling, and the advice he has for aspiring data professionals.

  • Google Launches Dataset Search

    Looking for datasets for your next project? You are in luck because Google just launched Dataset Search. The name is self-explanatory. Go try it out.

  • Google Colaboratory

    Google has recently released a Jupyter Notebook platform called Google Colaboratory. You can run Python code in a browser, share results, and save your code for later. It currently does not support R code.

  • Best Practices for Machine Learning Engineering

    Martin Zinkevich, Research Scientist at Google, just compiled a large list (43 to be exact) of best practices for building machine learning systems. Rules of Machine Learning: Best Practices for ML Engineering If you do data engineering or are involved with building data science systems, this document is worth a look.

  • Recent Resources for Open Data

    Recently, a number of resources for publicly available datasets have been announced. Kaggle becomes the place for Open Data – I think this is big news! Kaggle just announced Kaggle Datasets which aims to be a repository for publicly available datasets. This is great for organizations that want to release data, but do not necessarily…

  • A Couple of Current Data Science Competitions

    Decoding Brain Signals Microsoft has recently announced a machine learning competition platform. As part of the launch, one of the first competitions is the prediction of brain signals. It has $5000 in prizes, and submissions are accepted thru June 30, 2016. Big Data Viz Challenge Google and Tableau have teamed up to offer a big…

  • Google Announces Public Data Sets

    Somewhat lost in the hype of Google’s Cloud Machine Learning announcement (which is itself neat), was the release of Google’s Public Data Sets. I think this has been previously happening, but now Google has an official location for these public data sets stored in BigQuery. You can: Access and use the data in your applications…

  • Google Data Science MOOC

    Google recently announced the launch of their own Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The course is titled, Making Sense of Data, and it begins tomorrow, March 18, 2014. The prerequisites are quite simple. All that is needed is: a google account, a web browser, and a basic knowledge of spreadsheets. The content of the course…

  • Facebook dominates Social Networking

    The Real Data on Facebook vs. Google+ is a great article about the popularity of different social networks. All the big social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterests, and even Myspace) are included. If you have ever wondered whether Google+ is dead or not, this article will help you out. After the data was gathered…

  • Github Is Cool: They Like Data

    Today, GitHub announced the release of archived public activity data called the GitHub public timeline. The dataset can be queried via the Google BigQuery tool. To make things even more awesome, GitHub is also hosting a Data Challenge. The challenge is to play around with data and create the best visualization possible. You better start…