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  • Cloud Data Science 4

    Cloud Data Science 4

    It was an exciting cloud data science week. Lots of interesting stuff to cover, so let’s get started. News Microsoft DP-100 Certification Updated – The Microsoft Data Scientist certification exam has been updated to cover the latest Azure Machine Learning tools. Google Dataset Search goes GA – search and discover millions of datasets Google Cloud…

  • Microsoft Research Open Data Search

    Microsoft Research Open Data Search

    Microsoft Research Open Data is a search engine for free datasets available from Microsoft Research. The datasets are primarily aimed at Natural Language Processing (NLP) and computer vision. Take a look if you are in need of a dataset for your next project.

  • Google Launches Dataset Search

    Looking for datasets for your next project? You are in luck because Google just launched Dataset Search. The name is self-explanatory. Go try it out.

  • Helpful Datasets for teaching Data Science – Link

    Title says it all, Some datasets for teaching data science

  • 4 Steps to Finding Your Data

    So, you have identified a fascinating new problem to solve with data. You correctly started with a problem and not the data. It seems both beneficial and interesting. Now where do you get the data? Here are 4 steps (in order) for how to find data. 1. Existing Data The best place to start is…

  • It is Open Data Day!

    March 4, 2017 is Open Data Day. Open Data Day is an annual celebration across the globe. Over 300 groups around the world schedule activities to use open data for their communities. See if there is a gathering in your area. Also, the focus this year is on: Open research data Tracking public money flows…

  • Our World In Data

    Our World in Data is data visualization site for exploring the history of civilization. The site was created by Max Roser. Our World in Data contains tons of information about many aspects of people’s lives. It also includes numerous visuals (like the one below) which can be easily shared or embedded on other sites. https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/life-expectancy…

  • Recent Resources for Open Data

    Recently, a number of resources for publicly available datasets have been announced. Kaggle becomes the place for Open Data – I think this is big news! Kaggle just announced Kaggle Datasets which aims to be a repository for publicly available datasets. This is great for organizations that want to release data, but do not necessarily…

  • Data USA Visualizations

    DataUSA.io a huge collection of visualizations displaying U.S. public data. It is fun to browse the visualizations, plus there is also an API.

  • Google Announces Public Data Sets

    Somewhat lost in the hype of Google’s Cloud Machine Learning announcement (which is itself neat), was the release of Google’s Public Data Sets. I think this has been previously happening, but now Google has an official location for these public data sets stored in BigQuery. You can: Access and use the data in your applications…

  • Yahoo Just Released a Huge Machine Learning Dataset

    Yahoo just released a 1.5 TB dataset of “anonymized user interactions on the news feeds”. If you have been looking for a new dataset to analyze, this just might be it. It contains approximately 110 billion rows of data regarding user-news interactions. Happy data exploring!

  • The New Open Data Handbook

    Originally published in 2012, the Open Data Handbook has released an second edition. The handbook is to be used as a guide for organizations or individuals interested in publishing and/or utilizing open data. The goal is ensuring data is open and that data is applied as often as possible. The second edition now includes 3…