Top 5 Data Science Blogs

  1. – This blog is only about 1 month old, but it is filled with great stuff.  I just hope Carl , a data scientist at One Kings Lane, can keep up the good posts.
  2. Metamarkets Blog – Metamarkets is a startup focusing on data analytics for business users.  The blog contains lots of data science information.  During the summer, the blog ran an excellent series with data scientist interviews.
  3. Kaggle – A great startup with a great blog.  The blog has tips about data science competitions, explanations from winners, and various other data science related posts.
  4. iCrunchData – This is a job site for data-related positions.  That said, the blog is relevant and informative.  They even do data science on job postings for data science.
  5. What’s the Big Data – A frequently updated blog with great links to big data and data science resources. I especially like the “Big Data Quotes of the Week” posts.
Bonus Blogs
  1. Flowing Data – Nathan Dau, the blog’s author, is a PhD student at UCLA.  The blog focuses on visualizations.
  2. Columbia Data Science Course Blog – This was a blog to go along with the Data Science course at Columbia University.  Unfortunately, the blog will no longer be updated since the course is over.  However, it is still worth browsing though, since it covers many of the topics in data science.  It also has some great visualizations.






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