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  • New Online Data Summit Coming Fall 2019

    New Online Data Summit Coming Fall 2019

    A new online conference focused on cloud data technologies is coming fall 2019. The focus of the event is data in the cloud (migrating, storing and machine learning)

  • Seeing Theory – A Visual Intro to Stats

    Daniel Kunin from Brown University created a totally stunning and interactive site named Seeing Theory. It provides a visual introduction to many concepts in statistics and probability. Definitely worth checking out and sharing with others. Tip: it does not work well on mobile.

  • Historic Data Visualizations [Infographic]

    Data Visualization is not new. Check out this historical collection of 11 visualizations.

  • 7 Tools for Data Visualization in R, Python, and Julia

    7 Tools for Data Visualization in R, Python, and Julia

  • 3 Great Data Science Books You Can Read Now…for free

    Just this week, I have become aware of 3 free online books for data science. Data Visualization with Javascript If you are looking for a tutorial to teach you how to make wonderful visualizations on the web, look no further. Data Visualization with JavaScript is a free online book for learning data visualization with Javascript.…

  • Accel Partners: Data Visualization and Data Stories

    Accel Partners, one of the largest big data investment firms, hosted a panel discussion on Data Visualization and Data Stories. Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence at Accel, hosts the discussion. Two great visualization experts that come up in the talk are, Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg.

  • This Data Tells A Story

    There is nothing magical about this data. It is just income data. The magic comes from the excellent visualizations, and the story being told. If you need to make your data come to life, this video is an excellent example.

  • A very nice visualization of the Central Limit Theorem

    The blog post, Central Limit Theorem Visualized in D3, was posted last week. The post does 2 very nice things. First, it provides a nice visual of what the central limit theorem means. Second, it displays the wonderful power of the javascript library, D3.

  • D3.js Gallery Data

    I believe Christophe Viau put this list together. It is a very impressive list of D3.js examples. Each example includes the graph and the code to generate it. D3.js Gallery Data – temporarily in view mode – Google Docs. A more interactive and visual view of the examples can be found at this new, not…

  • Pizza Delivery: A video Infographic

    This is a video infographic about pizza delivery in Manhattan. This is another good way to make data tell a story.

  • If The World Were 100 People?

    Not only is the topic interesting, but the concept of breaking the global population down into 100 people is brilliant. This infographic is easily understandable, and it conveys a whole lot of information in a clean and concise manner. For more about where the data came from, see the 100 People page. If the World…

  • Top 5 Data Science Blogs

    p-value.info – This blog is only about 1 month old, but it is filled with great stuff.  I just hope Carl , a data scientist at One Kings Lane, can keep up the good posts. Metamarkets Blog – Metamarkets is a startup focusing on data analytics for business users.  The blog contains lots of data science information.  During the…