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  • Silk.co’s 123 Most Influential Twitter Accounts for Data Science

    Unfortunately, as of 2020, Silk.co has been discontinued. Silk.co teamed up with LittleBird to create a list of the most influential “data science” accounts on Twitter. LittleBird uses an algorithm to rate an account’s influence based upon retweets from other influencers and network activity. //most-influential-data-science-accounts-on.silk.co/s/embed/mosaic/collection/twitter-handle/image/profile-image-url/order/desc/insider-score/suggestion/filter/equals/location-region/suggestion/filter/equals/location-continent/suggestion/filter/equals/location-sub_region/suggestion/filter/equals/location-country/slice/0/22 Data from most-influential-data-science-accounts-on.silk.co I was humbled to be included on…

  • Using Python to Collect data from the Twitter API

    Have you ever wished you could create your own dataset from the vast data available from Twitter? Well, wish no longer. I used the Sense Platform to Create a Dataset of Users from the Twitter API. Feel free to use this example to create your own datasets. The next great thing about Sense is: You…

  • Twitter Open Data Grants

    Twitter has just released the idea of a Data Grant. You have to login with your twitter account to see the details. The gist is: Twitter will provide you with historical twitter data for research purposes. What could you do with this data?

  • Facebook dominates Social Networking

    The Real Data on Facebook vs. Google+ is a great article about the popularity of different social networks. All the big social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterests, and even Myspace) are included. If you have ever wondered whether Google+ is dead or not, this article will help you out. After the data was gathered…

  • UC Berkeley Course Lectures: Analyzing Big Data With Twitter | Analyzing Big Data with Twitter

    UC Berkeley Course Lectures: Analyzing Big Data With Twitter | Analyzing Big Data with Twitter. The link includes videos and lecture notes from the course.

  • Top 5 Places to Get a Data Scientist job

    LinkedIn They turn data into products better than anyone else. Facebook If you are the type of person that loves to analyze people’s lives, there is no better place. Twitter Duh, It’s Twitter. lots of data and lots of possibilities Cloudera Cloudera is a successful Hadoop-based startup. Build tools and explore huge datasets for a…

  • The Data Scientific Method

    DJ Patil and Josh Elman, both of Greylock Partners, give an insightful talk at LeWeb London 2012. The most important part was the introduction of the Data Scientific Method. Data Scientific Method Start with a Question Leverage your current data Create features and run tests Analyze the results and draw insights Let the data frame…

  • Visualization Of Data Science Twitter Users

    This is a fun and interactive visualization of 659 twitter accounts linked to data science. http://www.greenplum.com/datasciencesummit/community/

  • Twitter, NoSQL and Data Analysis

    This is a lengthy but very good slide deck on the what/why of the tools used at Twitter. Note: The slide deck is about 2 years old. NoSQL at Twitter (NoSQL EU 2010) View more presentations from Kevin Weil

  • Online Adds Are More Important Than Social Networking For Consumers? Huh?

    Marketers should target customers that share a lot on social networks. Or not! I found it interesting that Twitter and Facebook were in the bottom 5 list of influences for the social consumer. I would have expected it to be different. Search results, brand websites and online adds are all more important. This is one…