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  • Data Science Papers for Spring 2020

    Data Science Papers for Spring 2020

    The world of data science is rapidly evolving. Here are a few data science papers I have found interesting. What’s Wrong with Computational Notebooks? Pain Points, Needs, and Design OpportunitiesThis paper is a study done on the usage of notebooks for data science. It cover a bunch of the negative impacts of using notebooks for…

  • Data Science News for April 29, 2019

    Data Science News for April 29, 2019

    Here is the latest data science news for the week of April 29, 2019.

  • GoLang for Data Science

    GoLang for Data Science

    Should you use golang for Data Science? Here are the pros and cons.

  • Software Engineering Podcasts for Data Science

    If you are a former software engineer looking to gain some data science skills, here are a list of podcasts that will most likely interest you. Software Engineering Daily A nice podcast which just ran a series of podcasts about data science. Data Science Overview with Yad Faeq Applied Data Science with Edwin Chen Kaggle…

  • The Problem with Software Analytics

    The Problem with Software Analytics – Why isn’t the research getting into the hands of practitioners?

  • The Goal is Data Products: Now How Do We Get There?

    The primary output of data science is data products. Data products can be anything from a list of recommendations to a dashboard to a single chart or any other product that aides in making a more informed decision. In the end, data science should produce some usable results, and those results are the data product.…

  • Data Scientist vs Data Engineer

    Data Scientist vs Data Engineer

    As the field of data science continues to grow and mature, it is nice to begin seeing some distinction in the roles of a data scientist. A new job title gaining popularity is the data engineer. In this post, I lay out some of the distinctions between the 2 roles.   Data Scientist A data…