GoLang for Data Science

Golang for Data Science

While it is not one of the popular programming languages for data science, The Go Programming Language (aka Golang) has surfaced for me a number of times in the past few years as an option for data science. I decided to do some searching and find some conclusions about whether golang is a good choice for data science.

Popularity of Go and Data Science

As the following figure from Google Trends demonstrates, golang and data science became trendy topics at about the same time and grew at a similar rate.

golang vs data science growth via Google Trends
Golang vs Data Science growth in popularity

The timely trends may have created the desire to merge the two technologies together.

Golang Projects for Data Science

Some internet searching will reveal a number of interesting data-focused projects on Github. Unfortunately, many of the projects had good initial traction but have dwindled in activity over the last couple years. Below is a listing of some of the data science related projects for the Go Programming Language.

  • Gopher Data – Gophers doing data analysis, no schedule events, last blog post was 2017
  • Gopher Notes – Golang in Jupyter Notebooks
  • Lgo – Interactive programming with Jupyter for Golang
  • Gota – Data frames for Go, “The API is still in flux so use at your own risk.”
  • qframe – Immutable data frames for Go, better speed than Gota but not as well documented
  • GoLearn – Machine Learning for Go
  • Gorgonia – Library for machine learning in Go
  • Go Sklearn – Port of sci-kit learn from Python, still active but only a couple committers, early but promising
  • Gonum – Numerical library for Go, very promising and active

Golang Data Science Books

There have even been a couple books written about the topic.

Machine Learning with Go, 2nd Ed.

The second edition was just published in 2019

Go Machine Learning book cover
Go Machine Learning

Go Machine Learning Projects

This book uses gonum and gorgonia in the examples. It was published in 2018.

Thoughts from the Community

The “Go for Data Science” debate has been discussed numerous times over the past few years. Below is a listing of some of those discussions and the key take aways.

Reasons to use Go for Data Science

  • Performance
  • Concurrency
  • Strong Developer Ecosystem
  • Basic Data Science packages are available

Reasons Not to use Go for Data Science

  • Limited support from the data science community for Golang
  • Significantly increased time for exploratory analysis
  • Less flexibility to try other optimization and ML techniques
  • The data science community has not really adopted the Go programming language


In short, Golang is not widely used for exploratory data science, but rewriting your algorithms in Golang might be a good idea. However, the latest push is “Python for Machine Learning and Go for Infrastructure”.

For more data science related articles, read the rest of the Data Science 101 blog.


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  1. shitalshreya Avatar

    Golang for Data Analytics Applications is a suitable choice because of its standard official libraries which enable easy data parsing, sorting, analyzing and visualizing.
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    1. Gowitek Consultig Pvt.Ltd Avatar

      Golang for Data Analytics Applications is a suitable choice because of its standard official libraries which enable easy data parsing, sorting, analyzing and visualizing.
      Click to Know more: http://bit.ly/2OGIS1q

  2. venkatesh Avatar

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post on Data Science, I was looking for this info for a really long time.

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Great, glad to help

  3. Matthias Döring Avatar

    Dear Ryan,
    Thanks for the nice overview about the topic. I really liked how you included so many resources and opinions about the topic.

    Personally, I havent’ used Go for data science yet. Until now, I have just made experiences with Go from static site generators, where it seems quite popular. So it seems there’s something nice to say about engineering and Go, huh?

    I am just working on a tech radar for data science, so I will make sure to include a link to your post when I have formed my opinion.


    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thank you so much Matthias.
      I do see the info here: http://tech.datascienceblog.net/#golang

  4. Hilman frontier Avatar

    Thanks for sharing! it is very informative websites. As the Data science is a rapidly changing field that has found itself at the forefront … there are efforts to expand the field to newer languages such as GoLang.

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