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  • Cloud Data Science 8

    Cloud Data Science 8

    Welcome to Cloud Data Science 8. This weeks news includes information about AWS working with Azure, time-series, detecting text in videos and more. News Amazon Redshift now supports Authentication with Microsoft Azure ADRedshift, a data warehouse, from Amazon now integrates with Azure Active Directory for login. This continues a trend of cloud companies working together.…

  • Cloud Data Science News #2

    Cloud Data Science News #2

    2020 is now in full swing and the announcements are starting to show up. There are some good ones this week. News Videos Courses & Learning

  • Microsoft Weekly Data Science News for February 23, 2018

    Today, I am starting a new weekly series where I will share the latest news related to Microsoft Cloud Data Science Products along with the supplied discription. Disclaimer: I did not author any of these posts, but I wanted to share them. 22 Minutes to 2nd Place in a Kaggle Competition, with Deep Learning &…