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  • Kaggle Learn Micro-courses

    The competition site Kaggle has recently released some micro-courses aimed at helping people to quickly learn the skills of data science. It is called Kaggle Learn, Faster Data Science Education. It includes courses on: Python Deep Learning SQL and more Check them out to quickly get up to speed. Happy Learning.

  • Kaggle Career Conference 2018

    Kaggle, the online data science competition platform, will be hosting a free online conference for people interested in landing their first data science job. Kaggle CareerCon 2018 on March 20, 2018. There are a bunch of great speakers lined up, and all the talks are focused on preparing someone to get a data science job…

  • Go After Your Data Science Dreams – Demystify Data Science Presentation 2017

    Stick around for the Question and Answers at the end of the presentation where I talk about starting your own blog or entering Kaggle contests. All of the other talks were great as well. You can register here Demystify Data Science Conference 2017 by Metis to get free access to all the other video presentations.

  • Recent Resources for Open Data

    Recently, a number of resources for publicly available datasets have been announced. Kaggle becomes the place for Open Data – I think this is big news! Kaggle just announced Kaggle Datasets which aims to be a repository for publicly available datasets. This is great for organizations that want to release data, but do not necessarily…

  • National Data Science Bowl

    Kaggle and Booz | Allen | Hamilton have just launched the National Data Science Bowl. It is a data science competition hosted at Kaggle. If you are interested in getting started, a tutorial is available in iPython format. Best of Luck!

  • 10 Great R Packages

    These slides are targeted at Kaggle competitions, but the R packages can be helpful to anyone using R for data analysis. The slides were created by Xavier Conort, a winner of multiple competitions. 10 R Packages to Win Kaggle Competitions from DataRobot

  • Top 5 Places to Get a Data Scientist job

    LinkedIn They turn data into products better than anyone else. Facebook If you are the type of person that loves to analyze people’s lives, there is no better place. Twitter Duh, It’s Twitter. lots of data and lots of possibilities Cloudera Cloudera is a successful Hadoop-based startup. Build tools and explore huge datasets for a…

  • Top 5 Data Startups

    Kaggle They make data science a sport, enough said. DataKind DataKind may not technically be a startup because it is a nonprofit, but they are doing cool stuff.  They match nonprofit organizations with people that love to analyze data and create visualizations. Cloudera They call themselves “The Platform for Big Data”.  They are working hard…

  • blog.untrod.com: Engineering Practices in Data Science

    This is a great post by Chris Clark of Kaggle. It explains some of the primary differences among engineers and statisticians. Both groups have something to learn from each other. blog.untrod.com: Engineering Practices in Data Science.

  • Map of Kaggle Submissions

    See this interactive map of Kaggle Submissions. The map is a nice example of data visualization. The data is much easier to see on a map than in a data table. Nice work by Ramzi Ramey of Kaggle.

  • How To Learn Data Science? Part 2

    Yesterday, I posted about some traditional strategies to acquire data science skills. Today, I will post a nontraditional strategy. Internet Based There is hoards of data science information available on the internet for free. With enough personal motivation, a person could learn all the skills necessary for free (or cheap) online. Coursera is probably a…

  • Kaggle Launches New Products

    If you follow the blog, you probably know I am a big fan of Kaggle. Just last week, they announced the launch of 2 new products. Kaggle Recruit In this competition, the participants are not competing for a cash prize but rather a job interview with a specific company. Currently, Facebook is hosting the first…