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  • MIT Statistics and Data Science MicroMasters

    MIT has recently launched Statistics and Data Science MicroMasters program. The program is a series of online MIT graduate courses offered via EdX. It officially starts in the fall of 2018.

  • Berkeley Data Science Course Online

    The University of California at Berkeley is offering its very popular undergraduate data science course, Foundations of Data Science: Computational Thinking with Python, online via EdX. The course can be taken for free and it starts Monday April, 2 , 2018. This course is actually part of a larger certificate program, Foundations of Data Science.…

  • Learn to Analyze Big Data with R – Free Course

    R is a hugely popular language among data scientists and statisticians. One of the difficulties with open-source R is the memory constraint. All the data needs to be loaded into a data.frame. Microsoft solves this problem with the RevoScaleR package of the Microsoft R Server. Just launched this week is an EdX course on Analyzing…

  • Learn Apache Spark this Summer with edX

    edX has just announced a new series of Big Data courses. The series consists of 2 courses focused around Apache Spark. If you are not familiar with Spark, it is a very fast engine for large-scale data processing. It claims to perform up to 100 times faster than hadoop. Here are the 2 courses: Introduction…

  • Foundations of Data Analysis on EdX

    EdX will be offering Foundations of Data Analysis via the University of Texas at Austin. The course starts November 4, 2014. Here is a list of topics: Tutorials on using R Descriptive Statistics Statistical Models (Regression) Inferential Stats

  • Caltech Machine Learning Course Now on EdX

    The widely popular Caltech course, Learning from Data, will be offered on EdX this fall. The course starts September 25, 2014, and it will run for 10 weeks. Here is an abbreviated list of the course topics. Linear Models Bias/Variance Neural Networks Cross Validation and much more EdX offers a number of other Data Science…

  • Machine Learning MOOC from EdX

    EdX, a MOOC site, is offering Learning From Data. This is a course about machine learning offered by Caltech. The course started yesterday, so there is still time to get started. The course has 2 tracks: audit and certificate. It looks great. Good Luck.

  • edX – Online Education From Harvard And MIT

    Just yesterday, MIT and Harvard University announced a new partnership to offer online education. The goal is to increase learning for students on-campus and others throughout the globe. Both schools plan to study the results of edX to better understand how students learn and how technology affects learning. See the official announcement here. EdX Video…