Machine Learning MOOC from EdX

EdX, a MOOC site, is offering Learning From Data. This is a course about machine learning offered by Caltech. The course started yesterday, so there is still time to get started. The course has 2 tracks: audit and certificate. It looks great. Good Luck.






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  1. resamplingstats Avatar

    Hi Ryan,

    Good post!


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  2. MacKenzie Ginithan Avatar
    MacKenzie Ginithan

    I have seen a bunch of the videos for this class. The teacher is AMAZING! He has a gift for explaining complex ideas in a simple manner.

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thanks for the comment MacKenzie

  3. Dr. Z. Avatar
    Dr. Z.

    Very interesting MOOC. How does it compare with Prof. Ng’s one in Coursera?

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Not really sure, I am not sure if I will have time to do the course from EdX. I do know Prof. Ng’s course is excellent.

  4. Wilco van Ginkel Avatar

    Hi – thanks for the post. As said earlier, Prof. Abu-Mostafa is indeed an excellent (and funny!) teacher, who can break down and explain complex Machine Learning (ML) topics into understandable pieces! Prof. Andrew Ng’s ML Coursera course is also excellent and highly recommended! He also breaks it down into understandable pieces with a hands-on approach.

    Having followed both courses, I would say that Prof. Andrew’s course might be a good starting point. For a beginner in ML (like myself), I find it more practical, although he also touches on the theoretical aspects, but with a practical approach. Prof. Abu-Mostafa’s course is more fundamental (but also with examples), but he explains it in such a way that it isn’t ‘dry’ or difficult to follow. On the contrary! As such, my advice would be to start with the Coursera course to whet your appetite and then take Prof. Abu-Mostafa’s course.

    However, if you prefer the other way around or even in parallel, that is, of course, also possible. It is just a matter of personal taste.

    Above all, have fun with this exciting topic!

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Wilco, thanks for the detailed comparison of the 2 courses.


  5. Ravi Agarwal Avatar
    Ravi Agarwal

    Yet not noticeably popular in India, the concept of MOOC is fast spreading giving way to an all new stage in the field of education and learning. Found a very useful article in this context:

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Yes, MOOCs are changing education. Thanks for sharing.


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