DP 100 Updated! Microsoft has updated the Data Science Certification exam. I took the exam about a year ago and it was a bit out of date back then. It should now match the current focus and tools on Azure.

I have covered my experience and what topics are on the exam. Those blog posts were for the old exam which focused on the legacy Azure Machine Learning Studio interface and general data science knowledge. The new Azure Machine Learning is now the focus of the new exam, and the high-level topics for the new exam are:

  • Setup an Azure Machine Learning workspace
  • Run Experiments and Train Models
  • Optimize and Manage Models
  • Deploy and Consume Models

Offical, DP 100 Updated

As of January 22, 2020, Microsoft’s official page for the DP-100 exam (Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure) now includes the updates.

DP 100 updated - Microsoft's data science certification exam has been updated
The Microsoft Data Science Certification exam DP 100 has been updated

Microsoft has posted a new skills document, and they are planning to add new training for DP 100.

Azure Machine Learning Names

The previous version of the exam focused on the legacy Azure Machine Learning Studio product, and the newer, Azure Machine Learning suite of tools, will be the focus of the exam moving forward. The names are similar and a bit confusing, but Microsoft is putting a lot less focus on the older Machine Learning Studio. Functionality from the old Machine Learning studio is being rolled into the new ML Designer portion of Azure Machine Learning. Therefore, I am guessing the older site will eventually go away.