Cloud Data Science News Beta #1

Cloud Data Science News Beta 1

Welcome to the first beta edition of Cloud Data Science News. This will cover major announcements and news for doing data science in the cloud. If the first few are well received, this will become a weekly segment.

Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Arc
    You can now run Azure services anywhere (on-prem, on the edge, any cloud) you can run Kubernetes.
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
    This is the future of data warehousing. It combines data warehousing and data lakes into a simple query interface for a simple and fast analytics service.
  • SQL Server 2019
    SQL Server 2019 went Generally Available.
  • Data Science Announcements from Microsoft Ignite
    Many other services were announced such as: Azure Quantum, Project Silica, R support in Azure ML, and Visual Studio Online.

Amazon Web Services

  • Call for Research Proposals
    Amazon is seeking proposals for impactful research in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning areas. If you are at a University or non-profit, you can ask for cash and/or AWS credits.
  • AWS Parallel Cluster for Machine Learning
    AWS Parallel Cluster is an open-source cluster management tool. It can be used to do distributed Machine Learning on AWS.

Google Cloud


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