Create – Make Summer the Time to Start

Summer is a time of fun and relaxation. Typically the pace of life slows down a bit and free time increases. The summer months present enough time to accomplish a number of tasks. Here is a list of tasks that take more than 1 hour, but can easily be accomplished over a summer vacation.

  • Build a tree house
  • Learn to computer program
  • Teach yourself a new skill: cooking, woodworking, musical instrument, skateboarding, …
  • Learn and identify 10 constellations
  • Visit 10 new parks
  • Train to ride your bike 20 miles
  • Create a Youtube channel and upload weekly videos
  • Train to run a mile
  • Learn to build a computer
  • Earn enough money to buy those computer parts (see above)
  • Read a book series
  • Write a book series
  • Research and find the oldest building in your city, then visit it
  • Start a blog and write 1 post a week
  • Plan and host a neighborhood gathering
  • Walk dogs in your neighborhood
  • Setup a tent and camp in your backyard
  • Paint a new picture every day
  • Sell Lemonade and track the best time of day for sales
  • Have a cookie baking competition with your friends, everyone bakes cookies then get together for a taste-test
  • Learn a different language
  • Build the tallest Lego tower you can, then try a different design

Summer is a great time to create. What are you going to start?





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