A Computer Science Ted Talk for Everyone (even homeschoolers)

Computer Science is for Everyone (from 2014)

Hadi Partovi begins with a story of his childhood in Iran. Then he goes on to discuss the importance of teaching computer science. Finally, he finishes with the surprising and rapid spread of computer science courses in public schools. Because public schools do it, is not a reason for it to be applied at homeschool. However, Hadi provides a strong case for why computer science is important enough to be taught. Here are a select few quotes from the video.

When I went to school, every Student would learn how to dissect a frog. Every student would learn how electricity works. Every student would learn how to prove a basic theorem. [..] In today’s day and age, it’s just as important for a kid to learn: what is an algorithm or how does the internet work?

What will careers look like for a student graduating in 2030?

Technology Affects every field





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