I have been lucky enough to get early access to Sense, a new data science startup. They are building the “data science platform” of the future. They provide the ability to edit and run all your R, Python, and Javascript code right in your browser.

So far, I am extremely impressed. I love having the ability to do my data analysis in the browser of a chromebook. Here is just a partial list of the features:

  • A useful profile page for showing off current and completed work
  • Public and Private projects
  • Support for Python, R, and Javascript (more to come, there is an Engine API if you would like to add a language)
  • Support for private environment variables
  • Follow Other Projects
  • Collaboration with others on a data project
  • And more, and even more to come

I have built a quick sample that displays some of the features of Sense. Sense – Data Science Platform of the Future.

Note: A few weeks ago, I chatted with Tristan (one of the cofounders of Sense) and he assured me that big news and more features are coming soon. So, stay tuned!