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  • Hacking Startups, Scaling Sites and Sipping Knowledge: An Espresso Chat with @zvonimirfras: TDI 22

    “If you’re not learning A LOT, something’s not right. Change it up.” — Zvonimir Fras (@zvonimirfras) on Threads Today we have @zvonimirfras. You were the first software engineer at a startup. What was that like? Chaotic 😛 They initially hired me to kick-start their web platform, but I also got to help with computer vision…

  • Launching a Startup as a Dev with @tomjohnson3: TDI 7

    “My philosophy as a CTO is that my most important job is to keep the team focused and busy.” — Tom Johnson (@tomjohnson3) on Threads What is the back story around the creation of @trymultiplayer and how is it going? Good morning Ryan and thanks for having me! I really enjoy reading these interviews. Contrary…

  • Sense: Data Science Platform of the Future

    I have been lucky enough to get early access to Sense, a new data science startup. They are building the “data science platform” of the future. They provide the ability to edit and run all your R, Python, and Javascript code right in your browser. So far, I am extremely impressed. I love having the…

  • Enigma Launches for Open Public Data

    If you are looking for public data, Enigma.io is a new startup just for you. Enigma searches, finds, and connects a variety of formats of public data. The data is then linked and made accessible. Watch the video below for more details.

  • Quandl – A Search Engine for Datasets

    I just found this site a couple days ago. Quandl is a new startup that is a search engine for datasets. The site really has a lot of data (over 2 million datasets). Plus the data can be sorted, filtered, graphed, combined, and finally downloaded in many different formats (Excel, JSON, R, csv, XML). Most…

  • 10 R packages

    Yhat, a new predictive modeling startup, wrote up a nice blog post about 10 R Packages I wish I knew about earlier. It is worth reading through the list. Special Thanks to Mark Nickel for pointing out this link.

  • Easel.ly Launches For Creating Infographics

    Easel.ly recently launched. It is a site for easily creating infographics. It looks pretty simple, but I am still not sure I have the artistic skills to make a good looking infographic. Infographics are still great for telling the story of your data.

  • Startup Idea: A Search Engine For Recent News

    The Problem I have a problem. This is a problem that I would guess many other people have. I have access to way too much information. I want less, but I also want the best and newest. How do I find the best and newest information on any topic?  There is a lot of new…