Learn Data Science Online with DataCamp

If you are looking to get started in the field of data science in 2014, then DataCamp just might be the site for you. DataCamp, formerly DataMind provides a tutorial for interactive data analysis in the browser. The data analysis is taught using R.

The DataCamp platform provides:

  1. Courses to learn data science
  2. A Platform to create new courses

If you are familiar with Codecademy, DataCamp follows very much the same model except for data analysis instead of programming. This is definitely a site to watch in 2014.

The Interactive Data Analysis Tutorial

DataCamp  tutorial
Interactive Data Analysis Tutorial

DataCamp Profile

DataCamp profile
DataCamp profile






6 responses to “Learn Data Science Online with DataCamp”

  1. PotSoup Avatar

    Thank you for sharing, this should prove useful.

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  4. BK Avatar

    Thank you!

  5. Bola Owoade Avatar
    Bola Owoade

    I’m on my second course at datacamp, quite a good introduction to R and light data analysis. At some point I would like to write my on R course. Will help me learn better. Thanks for letting us know about the course.

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Writing your own R course, would be a great idea. Plus, datacamp is an excellent platform for just that. If you ever do create a course, let me know.

      Best of Luck,

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