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  • DataCamp Community News Site

    DataCamp recently launched a new community site, Data Science News, for sharing and discovering data science news. It is similar to Hacker News if you are familiar with that site.

  • The Data Science Industry: Who Does What

    The fine folks at DataCamp, a great site for learning data science right in your browser, have come up with another great infographic. This time it compares some of the many job titles in the data science field. The infographic lays out the roles and skills needed for the following job titles. Note: not all…

  • Data Science Wars: R vs. Python

    The great team over at DataCamp, an online site for learning R , has put together another wonderful infographic. This time, the topic is Data Science Wars (R versus Python). This has been a rather hot topic for quite some time. I even wrote about the debate back in 2013, R vs Python, The Great…

  • 8 Easy Steps to Becoming a Data Scientist

    OK, the steps are not that easy. They are all doable, and most of the steps are free or very low-cost. They will just take some time. Thanks to the fine folks at DataCamp, creator of online data science courses, for the infographic.

  • Learn Data Science Online with DataCamp

    If you are looking to get started in the field of data science in 2014, then DataCamp just might be the site for you. DataCamp, formerly DataMind provides a tutorial for interactive data analysis in the browser. The data analysis is taught using R. The DataCamp platform provides: Courses to learn data science A Platform…