Making Data tell a Story

I don’t think anybody does it better than Hans Rosling. In the following video he helps to explain population growth, child mortality, and fossil fuel usage based upon wealth. I love how he uses toy blocks and chips to help visualize his point.

See the original post from the Guardian, Hans Rosling: the man who’s making data cool






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  1. clivegold Avatar

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    Great, simple and compelling (just over 3mins) and if you like this, have a look at Rosling’s TED talks.

  2. generXdad (@generXdad) Avatar

    i like how he has to take more CO2 chips out of his pocket…. and then part about the old western world ending up as the foundation

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Ha, I did find the extra chips part funny as well. Thank for commenting.


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