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  • Data Science 101 would like to welcome Community and Sponsored Posts

    Data Science 101 would like to welcome Community and Sponsored Posts

    Sorry, as of 2020, this is no longer available.

  • Papers for Teaching Undergraduate Data Science

    Papers for Teaching Undergraduate Data Science

    If you work at a university and are considering starting an undergraduate program in data science, then today’s post is for you. A Guide to Teaching Data Science [2016] – focuses on increasing 3 skills (create, connect, compute) within Statistics departments to develop data science Teaching the Foundations of Data Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach [2016]…

  • Seeing Theory – A Visual Intro to Stats

    Daniel Kunin from Brown University created a totally stunning and interactive site named Seeing Theory. It provides a visual introduction to many concepts in statistics and probability. Definitely worth checking out and sharing with others. Tip: it does not work well on mobile.

  • Building Data Science Skills as an Undergraduate

    While there are a growing number of universities that offer undergraduate data science degrees, for one reason or another those programs may not be perfect for everyone interested in data science. So, what do you do if you attend a school that does not offer a data science degree? This is a question frequently asked…

  • Know Your Probability Distributions

    In data science and statistics, probability distributions can be very important. I have been meaning to create a listing of them. However, I no longer need to since the fine folks at Cloudera have already created a list at Common Probability Distributions: The Data Scientist’s Crib Sheet. Learn the distributions and pick a favorite. (My…

  • Berkeley Undergrad Data Science Course and Textbook

    The University of California at Berkeley has started The Berkeley Data Science Education Program. The goal is to build a data science education program throughout the next several years by engaging faculty and students from across the campus. The introductory data science course is targeting freshman and it is taught from a very applicable and…

  • Free Stats book for Computer Scientists

    Professor Norm Matloff from the University of California, Davis has published From Algorithms to Z-Scores: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling in Computer Science which is an open textbook. It approaches statistics from a computer science perspective. Dr. Matloff has been both a professor of statistics and computer science so he is well suited to write such…

  • Tips for Future Data Scientists

    While preparing a for a recent talk I gave to an undergraduate audience, I started compiling some tips for future data scientists. The tips are intended for students (undergraduate and graduate) or anyone else planning to enter the field of data science. I asked a few of my data science friends and posted a question…

  • Statistics for Hackers Slides by Jake VanderPlas

    Jake provides an excellent slidedeck about using programming simulation to do statistics. Lots of great information packed into these slides. Slides are available at Statistics for Hackers on SpeakerDeck

  • Data Scientist vs Data Engineer

    Data Scientist vs Data Engineer

    As the field of data science continues to grow and mature, it is nice to begin seeing some distinction in the roles of a data scientist. A new job title gaining popularity is the data engineer. In this post, I lay out some of the distinctions between the 2 roles.   Data Scientist A data…

  • R vs Python, The Great Debate

    Recently I have seen blogs/articles claiming Python is the best choice for data science and R is the new language for business. Honestly, both articles are truthful and good. Both Python and R are good. Why do we have to choose? Let’s use both. Here is my opinion. I prefer R to Python when performing…

  • Statistics.com Educational Programs

    Statistics.com is an online institute for statistics education. They offer a variety of courses related to statistics and data science. Data Analytics Courses at Statistics.com Certificate Programs in both Data Analytics and Using R I have not personally taken any courses from statistics.com, but I have heard good things about the programs and courses.