Learn Data Science

Starting Point

If you have the necessary background in math, statistics, and computer science; then it is a good time to learn some data science specific skills. Coursera just recently launched a course specifically devoted to Data Science. It is titled: Introduction to Data Science. The course is being taught by Bill Howe of the University of Washington’s eScience Institute. I believe this course is an excellent place to start. I am very excited about this course.

Other Data Science Learning Resources

Here is a listing of other materials that could be helpful to learning data science.






3 responses to “Learn Data Science”

  1. Paras Doshi Avatar

    +1! I recently completed a course “Data Intensive Computing in the cloud” at UW w/ Bill Howe, Great professor! I am looking forward to this course as well 🙂

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Did you complete that course online or on-campus? I am not familiar with Dr. Howe, so I am glad you speak highly of him.


      1. Paras Doshi Avatar

        Yes, I completed the course (certificate in cloud computing) online.

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