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  • Free Online Data Science Books

    Free Online Data Science Books

    free online data science books as of early 2019

  • Microsoft Weekly Data Science News for September 07, 2018

    Here are the latest articles from Microsoft regarding cloud data science products and updates. This week it includes Measuring Model Goodness, a free ebook, AI discovery days, and more AI goodness. Measuring Model Goodness – Part 2 – Measurability is an important aspect of the Team Data Science Process (TDSP) as it quantifies how good…

  • Free Data Science Book for Ordinary People

    A great read for people without an extensive math, statistics or computer science background. And still an interesting read for those people. The book includes tons of non-technical descriptions for data science terms. You can download a copy of the book on SlideShare, or you can purchase a paperback copy via Lulu.

  • Model-based Machine Learning, Free Early Access Book

    Model-based Machine Learning, Free Early Access Book

  • Free Book, Mining Massive Datasets, 2nd Edition

    A new edition of Mining Massive Datasets is now available. It is used for a number of data mining courses at colleges across the US (and globe). Here are just a few of the topics from the book. Map-reduce Clustering Recommendation Systems Dimensionality Reduction Social Network Analysis

  • Women In Data – Free ebook

    O’Reilly just published a free ebook profiling 15 influential women in data science, Women in Data. The book is written by Cornelia Levy-Bencheton. The following women are profiled in the book: Michele Chambers, COO of RapidMiner Camille Fournier, CTO of Rent the Runway Carla Gentry, CEO of Analytical Solution Kelly Hoey, Speaker and Early-stage Investor…

  • Markets For Good ebook

    Markets for Good, an organization focused on performing data science for the social sector, recently released an ebook highlighting their 17 most influential blog posts. The ebook is titled, Markets for Good Selected Readings: Making Sense of Data and Information in the Social Sector. Here is just a small sampling of the topics you can…

  • Free Big Data Analytics For Dummies eBook

    Alteryx is offering the book, Big Data Analytics For Dummies, for free. If you are new to the term big data, this book provides a brief (about 40 pages) overview of the topic and what big data should be able to do for your company. You have to register, but it is worth it for…

  • Programmer’s Guide to Data Mining – A free ebook

    Ron Zacharski is currently writing a data mining book, A Programmer’s Guide to Data Mining. The book is targeted at programmers that want to know when and how to apply recommendation engines and other data mining techniques. The book is still in the writing phase, but I can say the first couple chapters are excellent.…

  • Free Natural Language Processing Book

    Natural Language Processing for the working Programmer Beyond the title, no more explanation is needed.

  • Free Data Analysis Textbook

    Cosma Shalizi of the Statistics Department at Carnegie Mellon University is working on an Advanced Data Analysis from an Elementary Point of View textbook. A copy of the textbook will remain freely available on the website. Since the textbook is still being created, comments are welcome.

  • Elements of Statistical Learning Textbook (Free)

    The Elements of Statistical Learning textbook is available for free. It is a classic, widely-used textbooks for statistics and machine learning. Here is a far from complete list of some of the topics: Supervised Learning Linear/Logistic Regression Regularization Model Selection Trees Neural Networks Support Vector Machines Random Forests Unsupervised Learning Clustering As you can see,…