Learn Math for Data Science

Math is one of the key building blocks of data science. While you cannot do a lot of data science with just calculus and linear algebra, both topics are essential for more advanced topics in data science such as machine learning, algorithms, and advanced statistics. Here are some freely available resources for learning both topics.


Matrix Operations/Linear Algebra

Other Math Options

The following 2 courses from Coursera maybe good for a person learning to think mathematically.






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  1. Ed Avatar

    In addition, it looks like UW’s undergraduate course Introduction to Data Science will be offered on Coursera next year. It looks like it was just added in the past few days, as I didn’t notice it when they announced all the new course offerings last week.

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      I had not seen that one yet. Thanks for letting me know. That course will fit in well with one of my posts later this week. Thanks Ed.


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