Infographic With Some Data On Pinterest

My favorite part of the infographic is the demographics portion. Notice the gender, age, income, and education of the users.






2 responses to “Infographic With Some Data On Pinterest”

  1. visualign Avatar

    Most of the demographics is not surprising. Seems to mirror the online population at large.
    However, the gender distribution is astounding: 4x more female than male! Is this a case of women engaging in a surrogate form of retail therapy – window shopping on the Internet? (Look honey what I brought home today.)

    Also interesting that 4 of 5 pins are re-pins. Most people look at what others pinned instead of doing ‘original’ (re)search.

    Coincidentally, they swapped the labels of the income and education demographics sections.

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Funny, I missed the swapped labels. Window shopping on the internet is a good way to put it. I will be interested to see if the male/female demographic ever evens out. Will males find a way to use Pinterest as effectively as females? Thanks for commenting.

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