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  • Cloud Data Science 4

    Cloud Data Science 4

    It was an exciting cloud data science week. Lots of interesting stuff to cover, so let’s get started. News Microsoft DP-100 Certification Updated – The Microsoft Data Scientist certification exam has been updated to cover the latest Azure Machine Learning tools. Google Dataset Search goes GA – search and discover millions of datasets Google Cloud…

  • Hey Data People, The NIH needs your help

    Hey Data People, The NIH needs your help

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is creating a Data Management and Sharing Policy. They are currently looking for input on the policy. The NIH funds a lot of research, and this policy will affect the data and results researchers produce. NIH’s DRAFT Data Management and Sharing Policy: We Need to Hear From You! This…

  • 5 great Data Strategy Resources

    5 great Data Strategy Resources

    I am putting together some of my own resources on Data Strategy. Here are a few of the top resources I found helpful so far. What is a Data Strategy? – various definitions of a data strategy The 5 essential Components of a Data Strategy – a detailed whitepaper(PDF) from SAS How to Create a…

  • Google Launches Dataset Search

    Looking for datasets for your next project? You are in luck because Google just launched Dataset Search. The name is self-explanatory. Go try it out.

  • DJ Patil – Tips to Build a Career in Data

    DJ Patil, former US Chief Data Scientist and data science legend, has a nice video with helpful tips for people looking to get into data science. Strive for Curiosity Follow Ethics and Security Be part of a Team Solve a Local Problem

  • SQL Tutorial from Chartio

    Chartio put together a nice online interactive tutorial for learning SQL. SQL is almost an essential tool for data science. Rarely is there a project where knowing SQL is not necessary.

  • Recent Resources for Open Data

    Recently, a number of resources for publicly available datasets have been announced. Kaggle becomes the place for Open Data – I think this is big news! Kaggle just announced Kaggle Datasets which aims to be a repository for publicly available datasets. This is great for organizations that want to release data, but do not necessarily…

  • Data USA Visualizations

    DataUSA.io a huge collection of visualizations displaying U.S. public data. It is fun to browse the visualizations, plus there is also an API.

  • Dat – Version Controlled Data

    Dat is an open source project focusing on data storage. In particular, the project wants to version control data. What is version control? In short it allows for tracking of history associated with something (typically source code files or documents). Dat takes the idea a bit further, and the data is versioned at the row…

  • Data Science, Robots, and Disaster Recovery

    Robin Murphy has one of the coolest job titles I have ever read, Disaster Roboticist. At Texas A&M, she works on developing advanced robots for disaster recovery. In this Ted talk, she outlines some of the capabilities of the robots and how the robots work. One quote at the end really caught my attention. So…

  • The NFL Should Share this Data

    The National Football League begins its regular season tonight. One feature you might not hear about is the addition of 2 RFID sensors on every player. Each stadium is equipped with receivers (not wide receivers) to capture the data emitted from the RFID tags. When the data is collected, it will be able to track…

  • 3 Great Data Science Books You Can Read Now…for free

    Just this week, I have become aware of 3 free online books for data science. Data Visualization with Javascript If you are looking for a tutorial to teach you how to make wonderful visualizations on the web, look no further. Data Visualization with JavaScript is a free online book for learning data visualization with Javascript.…