Data Science Education Opportunity

This is a followup post for two previous posts about How to Learn Data Science the traditional and non-traditional way.

Data Science Education Opportunity

I think there is an opportunity for an online data science training program. Many people wanting to learn data science already have a degree and some of the necessary skills. The online curriculum would have to be flexible enough to allow a person to fill in the gaps of missing knowledge. I would also like the topics to be broken down further than a typical university semester course. Break the materials into one or two week segments. For example, don’t offer training in machine learning. Separate it into numerous training segments like: logistic regression, support vector machines, and random forests. Proper prerequisites would need to be stated, but this method would allow learners to quickly grasp small chunks of knowledge.

One problem here is the lack of credentials. The online material would need to present a student with some type of certificate/award for completing material. The certificate/award would have to mean something, and not just be a slip of paper. The other problem is the vast amount of time required for creating the training material. Anyhow, I think there is an opportunity for someone or some company to create this curriculum.

What would work for you?

How would you like to learn data science?







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  1. traims Avatar

    You might be interested in “School of Data” initiative. This is a community-oriented project by Open Knowledge Foundation:

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Wow, thanks for sharing. I will have to put up a blog post about that.


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