Why did I create Data Science 101?

Obviously the world does not need another blog. However, blogs are a great way to share information, and I am creating a new one anyway.

The analysis of data is becoming more important everyday. Data Science is quickly becoming a hot topic of interest, and I have a desire to become a data scientist. Thus, this blog will contain information I find useful during my data science journey. I hope others find the blog useful too.

If you are interested in becoming a data scientist, please follow along and let’s start learning together.






4 responses to “Why did I create Data Science 101?”

  1. sallykwitt Avatar

    I am curious to see how your blog develops!!

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thanks Sally, I am curious to see how it develops as well.

  2. Gary Avatar

    I have a prior mgt info systems degree from ’02. Been busy doing other things since then, and recently decided, after much research, data scientist is the field i want to pursue. gonna take classes 3/4 time, get my 2nd bachelor’s in computer science, to include a few more classes to receive an entrepreneurship & finance degree, as I have it mapped out, it’ll take about 8 yrs to finish the BA (lot of math prereqs!). Then will go after a 1st master’s degree in mgt info systems (takes two yrs), going this route in part bc i need the max loan money, which will be used to fund tuition for the next/final stage), lastly transfer to one of the few schools who have a specific master’s in business analytics (right now looking at u. of san fran). cool tid-bits: my local 4-yr univ offers ‘two’ CS degrees, one is the harder BS, the other is an easier BA, but i can fill in classes of my choosing. So I’m using ur blog and its links to help me learn what kinds of classes i shd include in the BA CS degree; its like creating my own tailored CS business analytics undergrad degree! Even the master’s in mgt info systems will offer me the chance to take courses that data scientists need (i.e. data mining). so it all seems to fit in well. its an 11-yr plan. who knows what the field will look like then. and the good news w fed loans is if a person makes $25k, and can afford to pay them back, thats great, bc it means i am making money. win win.

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      THanks for the comment, and thanks for reading the blog. Good Luck with your lengthy plan; I hope you stick with it.


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