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A Live, conversation show for helping people in technology become content creators.
Overall, The Example Show provides an example for how to become a content creator.

Past Shows

  • Data Science on Azure
    We will dive into Microsoft Azure for data science and building a career in data There will be a lot to discuss with these two authors. Here is a list of some of the questions to be covered: Why write this book? Walk us thru the book and how it can help someone. How would you define MLOps? How can Azure Machine Learning help a company? When does a company need to start considering Databricks? What are some common challenges you are seeing organization making regarding data? What are some trends you see regarding data? How did your career journey… Read more: Data Science on Azure
  • Data Management & Data Stories with Scott Taylor
    Data Management, Stories, Video and more topics With Scott, there is a lot to discuss. Here are some of the potential topics. What are common mistakes you see businesses make with regards to data? What is an example of a great data story? Why write this book now? How has the data landscape changed over your career? What is this 24-hour live stream about data I am hearing about? How has content creation played a part in your career? When it comes to data, what is one thing businesses could do better? How did Scott get into webinars and podcasts?… Read more: Data Management & Data Stories with Scott Taylor
  • Starting a Data Career
    Get a copy of Getting Started with Data See more interviews at The Example Show
  • Stress Free Goal Setting with Deb Eckerling
    Get Yourself a copy of Deb’s latest book, Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for setting, planning, and achieving your goals Watch the Live Video – Stress Free Goal Setting on Amazon Live Listen to the Audio What is the most important part of setting a goal? 2:12 What is Ryan’s Resolution? 5:46 What are common mistakes in goal setting? 9:28 How to prioritize? 11:55 How to use a calendar to prioritize? 18:12 How often to set goals? 29:00 From Barnes & Noble events to goal-setting coach? 34:15 Is 2021 too late to start a blog? 41:20 What career advice would… Read more: Stress Free Goal Setting with Deb Eckerling
  • Being Creative with Video on LinkedIn
  • Going Live to Grow Your Business – An Interview with Lindy Chapman