Data Science on Azure with book Authors

Learn about Building Data Science Solutions on Azure

Join us for a discussion on data science on Azure. I was lucky enough to get Priyanshi Singh and Julian Soh to join me for a conversation about their newest book and their data science careers. This should be a fun conversation and highly informative.

Please feel free to bring your questions, even the technical questions.

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Date: February 9, 2021 at 2:10 PM CST – I hope you can join us

We will dive into Microsoft Azure for data science and building a career in data

There will be a lot to discuss with these two authors. Here is a list of some of the questions to be covered:

  • Why write this book?
  • Walk us thru the book and how it can help someone.
  • How would you define MLOps?
  • How can Azure Machine Learning help a company?
  • When does a company need to start considering Databricks?
  • What are some common challenges you are seeing organization making regarding data?
  • What are some trends you see regarding data?
  • How did your career journey bring you to where it is?
  • What has writing a book done for your career?
  • What are some career tips for people transitioning to a data science career?
  • Plus, as always, your questions are welcome (and encouraged) during the live show

Data Science Solutions on Azure book cover

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