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  • Building a Career in Tech: TDI 38

    Building a Career in Tech: TDI 38

    “Talk about passion projects as much as past work experiences. This shows how end to end you build and iterate” – via Eleonor Rose (@eleonor.rose) on Threads Welcome @eleonor.rose, what is the single, most impactful, thing you have done to affect your career? Hey there 👋🏼 – for me was my shift into the tech…

  • Starting a Data Career

    Starting a Data Career

    Get a copy of Getting Started with Data See more interviews at The Example Show

  • Getting Your First Job in Data Science

    Getting Your First Job in Data Science

    Getting your first data science job might be challenging, but it’s possible to achieve this goal with the right resources. Plus, this post includes a free, complete guide to getting your first data science job.

  • DJ Patil – Tips to Build a Career in Data

    DJ Patil, former US Chief Data Scientist and data science legend, has a nice video with helpful tips for people looking to get into data science. Strive for Curiosity Follow Ethics and Security Be part of a Team Solve a Local Problem

  • A Data Science Career with Kirk Borne, Free Webinar

    Once again, The Data Incubator, is hosting another Data Science in 30 minutes webinar. This one features the career of Kirk Borne. Renowned data scientist, Kirk Borne will take viewers on a journey through his career in science and technology explaining how the industry-and himself have evolved over the last 4 decades. Starting with skipping…

  • How to Kickstart Your Data Science Career

    This is a guest post from Michael Li of The Data Incubator. The The Data Incubator runs a free eight week data science fellowship to help transition their Fellows from Academia to Industry. This post runs through some of the toolsets you’ll need to know to kickstart your Data Science Career. If you’re an aspiring…