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I am finding developers on Threads and interviewing them, right on Threads. You are welcome to follow along and let me know on Threads if you would like to be interviewed.

“If you’re not getting interviews, it’s your resume.

If you’re not getting offers, it’s your interviewing skills.”

Software Engineer | Tech | Lucas Puskaric (@lucaspuskaric) on Threads

Today we have @lucaspuskaric. Welcome @lucaspuskaric, why do you think being a developer is a good career choice?

Not everyone should become a dev. It’s not as fun or easy as it looks.

People flock to this industry because of the perceived benefits. The idea of sitting behind a computer and playing God for a lot of money sounds pretty sick.

But writing code is a craft, and not everyone wants to be a craftsman.

Problem-solving is difficult, and some people prefer jobs on autopilot.

Some people prefer things they are good at.

Software constantly forces you to temper your ego and smacks you with things you don’t know.

It requires immense patience.

Support sucks. You get pressure, deadlines, stress, 4am work calls.

There are many flavors of tech jobs that don’t require the same level of commitment or strain. I think there are tech jobs for all preferences, but you have to find a role and a company that fits you.

I’ve known many devs who switched to QA (quality assurance) testing to avoid some of the negativity.

Oh wow, I feel like this interview got off to a fast start. However, that is all true because being a developer is not for everyone. With that said, what keeps you in the development career field?

I’m a junkie. I love the craft. To me, development is pure problem solving.

No other line of work puts you in the path of constantly applying and getting feedback.

Feedback is the biggest thing. It’s addicting.

We get to make things and we get to have people actually use them. I love making things that are used by millions of people. I also just like the process of coding.

I often wonder what I would have done if I didn’t get into this field, but luckily I don’t have to answer that 😂

I believe you offer a service to help developers by reviewing resumes and doing mock interviews. Why do you feel this is important?

The entire hiring process is horrific. It’s impenetrable for the average job searcher to understand, let alone thrive in.

For most people, your job is your livelihood. It directly impacts all parts of your existence (even though we’d like it not to)

I’ve helped 100s of people permanently better their situations.

I’ve been privileged to be at all parts of the hiring process, so I’ve made it my goal to illuminate that black box and make it fairer for everyone.

If this sounds appealing to anyone reading through this, DM me on insta or check out the free services I offer on https://linktr.ee/lapuskaric

What are a few tips you have for new developer looking to land a first full-time job?

If you’re not getting interviews, it’s your resume.

If you’re not getting offers, it’s your interviewing skills.

People offer lots of advice. Do open source! Have a portfolio! Focus on Leetcode! Do a bootcamp!

There are too many paths to recommend a single one. It really is case-by-case.

Most ppl have no OSS contributions. Most portfolios aren’t even glanced at and sometimes reduce a candidate’s chances.

In short— it depends. Use what you already have and don’t spread yourself to thin

It’s very different to break into FAANG than a small midwestern insurance firm.

There are lots of companies out there that will take you as you are now, but they aren’t always glamorous… or high paying.

My advice for someone transitioning into it from another adjacent career is different than my advice for a boot camp grad which is different from my advice for a recent grad.

You need to focus on different things depending. I’ll stop hammering this point now 🔨😅

What is your favorite part of the software development process?

I enjoy collaborating between all of the different pieces of the process.

The intersection between dev, design, product, and business is my favorite part. I like influencing the process and ensuring a quality end product.

Specific to dev tho, I really enjoy architecting solutions and being able to see stuff all the way through. I like being able to set the guard rails and trying to ensure future maintainability.

My role is less coding now. My team jokes my title should be “Big Picture Man”

How can people find you elsewhere online?

I’m all in in Threads, so you can find me right here exclusively! I post about tech and work and culture

You can also check out my Linktree mentioned earlier if you need help snagging a tech job! https://linktr.ee/lapuskaric

Thanks so much for taking the time! It was as epic as you promised 😏

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