4 Tips for Getting Access to LinkedIn Live

4 tips for LinkedIn Live access

I obtained access to LinkedIn Live video in late 2019. As of early 2020, LinkedIn Live is still in beta and people are admitted access based upon an application process.

I spoke with some employees of LinkedIn to inquire about getting access. Here are the tips I was given:

  1. Clear Plan – Know what you are going to live stream about and clearly state that in your application.
  2. Consistency – The application asks how often you plan to livestream. LinkedIn wants people who can consistently live stream weekly or more often.
  3. Previously Built an Audience – The last question on the application is “Is there anything else you’d like for us to know?” This is a great place to demonstrate your ability to build an audience. Share links to Facebook groups you have created or other online groups.
  4. Live streamed Elsewhere – Your application is much stronger if you can demonstrate previous experience with livestreaming. Right now, LinkedIn wants to accept people who are serious about live streaming.

Those are the 4 tips. Good luck with your application.






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