Questions to ask before building a Data Strategy


Building a data strategy is a great idea. It helps to avoid many of the Challenges of a Data Science Projects. However, there are many questions to address before getting started. Below is a list of some of those questions.

General Questions Before Starting a Data Strategy

  • Do you have a process for solving problems involving data?
  • What are the biggest challenges in your business?
  • Do you have a data team (size/roles)?
  • What specific questions do you want answered with data?
  • Do you currently use data to answer any questions?
  • Do you have any dashboards?
  • Do you have a data governance document?
  • What data do you collect?
  • What are the organizations long-term plans?

Technical Questions Before Starting a Data Strategy

  • How and where is your current data stored?
  • Do you have a Business Intelligence (BI) tool?
  • What is the current data infrastructure?
  • Do you have a data warehouse?
  • Do you use any external data?
  • How long is data stored?
  • What data tools are available?

This list may continue to evolve, so what do you think is missing?



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3 responses to “Questions to ask before building a Data Strategy”

  1. Sri Bhamidipati Avatar
    Sri Bhamidipati

    Questions were being asked and documented.
    Yet data strategy succeeds or fails.

    The questions should cover the roadmap of TIME, data quality leading to actions and kpi of process, technology, resources and Measurable and well defined business case.

    Plus the realization, time and money for 2-3 iterations.

    If there is no well defined business value, leadership and people at helm with penny pinching mindset, then it’s a waste

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thanks, good questions and value is very important.

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