Technology: 4 Reasons to add it to Your Homeschool Curriculum

Technology and computer science are not typically considered part of a homeschool or any learning curriculum. Here are a few reasons to consider teaching it as part of your homeschool curriculum, even at an early age.

It’s Fun

Giggles, smiles, engagement, and more are what you can expect if your young children begin learning to program. Sometimes, it is even more fun when things don’t go as expected.

Far reaching impact

Never before in the history of human-kind has it been so easy to reach so many people. I have worked in technology for roughly 20 years, and I am still amazed with this. From just about anywhere, I can pull my phone from my pocket turn on the video and instantly share that live video to a place where over 2 billion people can view it. Amazing! It doesn’t matter whether you want to: spread the news of Christianity, share stories, create art, teach others, or many other things; technology allows you to reach far more people than ever before.

Be a Creator, Not just a Consumer

Technology can be a great thing, but it can also be a huge time-waster. Learning to create games and computer programs can transform screen time into learning and creation time.


Look at any list of the top jobs and you will find computer jobs splattered all over the list. Interesting, because many of these jobs did not exist 15 to 20 years ago. Even jobs that are not “tech” jobs have a lot of technology aspects. Given the tech advances, all jobs in the near future might be technology jobs.





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