Free Big Data Virtual Meetup

The First Virtual Expo for the Big Data Community

What: Big Data eMeetup, an online conference with speakers, vendors, and attendees. All in an interactive game-like setting.
When: July 23, 2015, all day
Where: Online,
Cost: Free

I believe this is a promising, low cost, and fun way to host a meetup. Please join Big Data eMeetup for the innovative, inaugural launch.

The New Trend of Big Data E-Meetup – Official Announcement

The BIG DATA Expo is a unique platform that provides a B2B experience in the form of MMORPG (mass multiplayer online role playing game) featuring live presentations, virtual exhibition halls with virtual booths and enhanced networking capabilities.

Who will be there? The event is dedicated to host the BIG DATA industry key players, among them:

  • Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Students
  • Professional Services
  • Architects
  • Networking specialists
  • Data Analysts
  • BI Developers/Architects
  • QA
  • Data Warehouse Professionals
  • Sales
  • Technical Marketing
  • Teaching Staff
  • Performance Engineers

Why virtual?

Our unique and innovative platform will allow you to participate in a virtual worldwide event and do business matching as if you were there in person Network with people from around the world easily with no traveling and very low costs

Why Big Data?

The industry is characterized as an industry of prominent ongoing developments, trends, and innovations. Working in this industry requires frequent traveling to exhibitions around the world every few weeks. We believe that “The Big Data E-Meetup” is the optimal solution for many key industry players to explore new way to network and do business without the need travel so much and have endless budgets for exhibitions.

The Big Data Virtual Expo will be open to everyone, and will offer free access to the presentations and to the virtual exhibition halls, where companies will showcase their products via virtual booths and have their representative chat with the attendees via a video conference, the virtual expo will function just like a regular MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and will offer a mix of business and fun.

Entering the event is as simple as opening a browser and joining online. There are no traveling costs involved for the attendees and no booth design costs for the exhibitors. Today, in the digital age, networking and doing business is just a click away.

We are honored to invite the industry to join us at “The Big Data E-Meetup” and to experience this unique opportunity to explore, mingle, and network with the Data community – right from your own computer!






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