Considering Julia? Here Are Some Resources

Julia is a new programming language that is quickly gaining traction in the statistics and data science world. It is a high-level language, yet the speed is comparable with lower-level languages like C and fortran. Below are some resources for various types of people.

Do you love the academic paper?

Julia: A Fresh Approach to Numerical Computing – An academic paper that includes a brief overview of the language as well as a description of the Julia architecture, benchmarks and much more.

You want to start with the Official Language Docs

The Julia Language is well-documented. There is even a style guide in the docs.

Forget the paper and docs, You want to try it Now!

JuliaBox – Web-hosted implementation of IJulia. IJulia is a collaboration with IPython to provide an interface for writing Julia code in a web browser. Use this option if you want to start right now and figure the details out later.

Slow down, Try some tutorials first

Forio Julia Tutorials – The tutorials expect you to install Julia Studio IDE, but JuliaBox above should be sufficient. The tutorials contain enough code to get you started. Then the tutorials advance to larger and more complex problems.

You prefer to see someone use Julia first






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