Statistical Programming Languages Infographic

There are an abundance of statistical programming languages available, and the fine folks at DataCamp started to compile some of the data about the languages. They then produced the infographic at the bottom of the post. To start with, SAS, R, and SPSS are the 3 languages being compared.

Here are 3 bits of information based upon the infographic:

  • If you want a job – use SAS
  • If you want to use the language of Kaggle winners – use R
  • If you want to read analysis in an academic journal – use SPSS

I would love to see Python added to the infographic, but it might be much harder to get accurate numbers for Python since it is general programming language not just a statistical programming language. I would also love to see some benchmarks around both speed and number of steps(lines) to complete certain tasks. Anyhow, enjoy the infographic for yourself. Is there anything else you would like to see compared?

Statistical language wars: SAS vs R vs SPSS
Statistical language wars: SAS vs R vs SPSS







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