Thank You For The Half A Million Pageviews

As of yesterday, the Data Science 101 blog has hit 500,000 page views. Thank you to everyone that has read a post, commented, tweeted, liked, disliked, shared a link, or emailed me regarding the blog. I have enjoyed it so far.

Now here is a few numbers about the blog.

  • Colleges with Data Science Degrees has received more than 50,000 pageviews. The page has never gone viral; it just gets a steady stream of views everyday.
  • New Data Science Certificate Program has received just under 17,000 views. Most of those were on 1 day when the post was at the top of Hacker News.
  • Then, there are many posts with between 1000 and 10,000 pageviews.
  • The blog started in February of 2012
  • There were 416 total blog posts
  • 30% of my traffic comes from search engines
  • From a sample size of 1 blog, the formula to hit 500,000 pageviews is:2 \hspace{.1cm} years + 416 \hspace{.1cm} posts = 500,000 \hspace{.1cm} views

Stay tuned, there is more good stuff in the coming weeks.







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