Some Numbers On the Launch of Listudy

After launching Listudy a couple days ago, I have 2 days worth of Google Analytics to show.  I do not know exactly how to interpret these numbers, but I will do my best to provide some insights below.


  • 5884 pageviews – That number is not huge, so the site did not explode and go viral.  However, the site did get viewed.
  • Almost 1000 unique visitors – sounds good
  • 4.58 pages per visit – so people clicked around, I thought this was pretty good considering the minimal functionality of the site.
  • 4 minutes 13 seconds average time on site – I was most impressed with this number, or maybe the site is just that slow.
  • I launched 9 months too late – I essentially had this version of the site built 9 months ago, but I kept thinking it was the wrong idea or people wouldn’t like it or I should build something else.  Yes, the site is no where near finished, but it is at least a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • Here is the question I was hoping to answer with an MVP. Do people care to see a list of links on a highly specific topic?  I am not sure if I have enough data to answer this question yet, but I am leaning towards yes.

Why share these numbers?  Why not and how many people share these numbers unless the site was a huge success?   I have not launched enough websites to know how these numbers compare to other sites, but I am also not sure how launch day traffic correlates to eventual website success.  Maybe I need to launch a bunch more websites so I can perform some data science on website launch data.







2 responses to “Some Numbers On the Launch of Listudy”

  1. Dr. Z. Avatar

    Perhaps you can give this data to a data scientist for further analysis. I have worked with Google analytics for a while and I find that the insight they provide is quite superficial.

  2. Carnot Antonio Romero Avatar

    You are now two months in. Any update? (and +1 to Dr. Z’s comment on google analytics. They scratch the surface, that’s it.

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