Coursera Class on Recommender Systems

In about 1 month, the course, Introduction to Recommender Systems, will begin on Coursera. The course is being offered by the Computer Science and Engineering Department from the University of Minnesota.

The course is 14 weeks long and has 2 tracks:

  1. Programming Track – 6 different recommender systems will be programmed
  2. Concept Track – great for people that want to know about recommender systems, but don’t want program

Recommender systems are an important part of data science, and this course looks to provide an excellent in-depth overview of the topic.






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  1. stu8866 Avatar

    Thanks for the link – finally seem to have some time to do one of these Coursera courses so may check this one out. S

  2. lonewar Avatar

    Are they the first one that teach recommender systems in classes?

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      As far as I know, this is the first free MOOC (Massive Open Online Classroom) on recommender systems. A few other universities offer traditional courses on recommender systems.
      Virginia Tech –
      U of Michigan –

      Thanks for commenting,

      1. lonewar Avatar

        Thanks for the information!

  3. pratjain Avatar

    thanks this is too good !

  4. […] week I posted about Coursera’s Introduction to Recommender Systems course. Well, I believe it is the first MOOC on the topic, but there are other material available […]

  5. Varun Juneja Avatar

    This Course has been closed for new registrations. If you are participating in the course could youy please post the links to the video lectures in a post. It’ll be really helpful.

  6. Areaq Avatar

    As far as enrollment has been closed, I would also higly appreciate any links to Video lectures.

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      I am not sure if the video will be available on youtube. Only some of the Coursera instructors put stuff on Youtube. If I do find them, I will be sure to share a link on my blog.


  7. Ian Peters Avatar
    Ian Peters

    Hi Ryan, would you be willing to share the downloaded videos for those of us that weren’t able to register for the course? is an awesome python tool I’ve used to download videos and watch when I know I won’t have an internet connection. I’ve read your other posts and know your very familiar with python so I doubt this would take more than a few minutes of your time. Thx!

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Unfortunately, I did not actually take that course. I just had many other things going on. A few other people have asked about the videos, but no one has been able to produce the videos.


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