Bitmarks: Bitly’s Data Science One URL At A Time

Earlier this week, Bitly launched a new bookmarking service. They call links/URLs bitmarks instead of bookmarks. It has a nice Chrome Extension and Bitmarklet. So far, I very much like the service.

So, Why Should You Care?

Well, at its core, Bitly is a data science company. This is just another way for Bitly to collect more URLs. I think that is a good thing. Bitly has huge amounts of data created by collecting lots and lots of small things.

What do you think Bitly is doing with all those URLs? I am not completely sure, but I would bet some of it is really neat. Bitly can already track breaking news in near real-time. I will be curious if Bitly can predict the winner of the November presidential election before the news organizations can.

By the way

I have create a Data Science 101 Bitmark Bundle. You are welcome to follow along, although I do not know if there is a way to follow a bundle.






3 responses to “Bitmarks: Bitly’s Data Science One URL At A Time”

  1. Matthew Graczyk Avatar

    Bitly’s new focus on bookmarking is interesting, but it’s not optimized for having a great many bookmarks. My company’s was designed just for that. Intro:

    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thanks for the info. I save literally hundreds of bookmarks a year. I like to have the ability to go back and search for a specific bookmark. Can I do that with icrumz?

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