Use Data Science to Help The World (Data Without Borders)

Data Without Borders

Jake Porway started Data Without Borders because he attended a hack-a-thon and the groups came up with apps that didn’t really better the world very much. I believe he used the word, “unfulfilling” to describe the apps. He decided to create a way to provide organizations (Government or non-profit) with access to data scientists. His thinking goes like this. There are lots of data scientists that love to work with data. There are great organization with lots of data. If the two can be matched together, what amazing things can be done? Data Without Borders hopes to find out.

Data Without Borders organizes a bunch of DataDives, which are weekend hack-a-thons that match up a group of data scientists and developers with data.

Jake concluded with some wonderful remarks:

What if we started using data not just to make better decisions about what kind of movies we wanted to see? What if we started using data to make betters decisions about what kind of a world we wanted to see?

What is Data Without Borders looking for?

Jake’s Presentation at PopTech






3 responses to “Use Data Science to Help The World (Data Without Borders)”

  1. David Diez Avatar

    The talk reminded me of a TED talk. Excellent presentation, phenomenal idea, flawless presentation. Really well done! I’ve just signed up at DWB’s website. (Thanks for posting about DWB!)


    1. Ryan Swanstrom Avatar

      Thanks for reading David. I also thought the talk was great. Jake definitely has excellent skills in front of an audience.

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